Embark on a captivating 15-day odyssey through Sri Lanka, beginning with the ancient marvels of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa, ascending the iconic Sigiriya Rock, and then delving into the cultural richness of Kandy, the misty landscapes of Nuwara Eliya, the scenic beauty of Ella, and the wildlife wonders of Udawalawa and Yala National Parks.

Proceed to the serene beaches of Mirissa for relaxation and potential whale-watching adventures before exploring the biodiversity of Sinharaja Rainforest. The journey then unfolds along the southern coast, with visits to the historic Galle, the vibrant coastal town of Hikkaduwa, and the bustling cityscape of Colombo.

Continuing along the coastal trail, experience the pristine beauty of Kalpitiya before concluding your 15-day exploration. Depart with a tapestry of memories that weave together the ancient, cultural, natural, and coastal treasures that define the captivating essence of Sri Lanka. Always check for the latest travel information and conditions before planning your trip.

Oh! To have the rare luck of exploring Sri Lanka in two whole weeks! The first of the destinations in your Sri Lanka vacation is Anuradhapura, one of the ancient capitals. The sacred city is brimming with stories to be discovered, which is why it is also a UNESCO world heritage site. The first historical site you visit in your Sri Lanka vacation package is Mihintale. The dodgy climb to Mihintale feels absolutely worthy as it greets you with a magnificent view along with insane winds. You discover the beauty of the ancient architecture in Ritigala Forest Monastery, Twin Baths (Kuttam Pokuna), and Ruwanweliseya! It’s still the first day of your Sri Lanka vacation, and you are already capturing everything you see!


After Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa is the second most iconic landmark in Sri Lanka, making it a must-visit in a Sri Lanka vacation package. You are amazed by the old ruins that you come across at each stop of your Sri Lanka vacation so far. You walk through the ruins of the seven-story Royal Palace of King Parakramabahu, his Audience Hall, the royal swimming pool, and many other ancient places. You feel like you are in the time of the kings! As you explore more of this city full of ancient ruins, you slowly realize how much of a rich history that it bears. In the evening, you sightsee the Parakrama reservoir and go for a village walk. It’s calming, and you love your Sri Lanka vacation for the rustic splendor of Polonnaruwa city. 


With picturesque sunsets over acres of swaying paddy fields, Sigiriya is a humble town in your Sri Lanka vacation package. After exploring the prestigious history of Polonnaruwa, your heart is excited for more! A friendly local says that Sigiriya Rock Fortress is a must-visit in a Sri Lanka vacation, so you are eager for the hike. At the top of the rock, you meet the damsels of the Sigiriya painted by King Kashyapa’s artists. You enjoy the delicious cuisine in the local restaurants and end the day with a peaceful walk across the dancing paddy fields. It is calm, and you retreat to your hotel thinking of the adventures ahead in your Sri Lanka vacation. 

Kandy, Sri Lanka’s capital city of culture, is a city never to miss on a Sri Lanka vacation. On the fourth day of your Sri Lanka vacation package, you visit the most sacred place in Sri Lanka; the Temple of Tooth, which protects the tooth relics of Lord Buddha. It is the relic of the real Buddha! This sacred tooth is covered in boxes of gold and jewels, and surprisingly, there are no armed guards to protect it! You take a walk in the city full of restaurants with incredible flavors of Sri Lankan cuisine. This Sri Lanka vacation costs too low for what it gives! You listen to the soft chanting of hymns, inspiring artifacts, people with warm gestures, and the relaxing feel of a calming evening. At this point, there is nothing more you would ask from your Sri Lanka vacation. 


Off to Nuwara Eliya on the fifth day of our thrilling Sri Lanka vacation! Now, this is a landscape that is entirely different from the whole of your Sri Lanka vacation, so much so that it is called Little England. The foamy waterfalls like Laxapana, St. Clair’s, and Ramboda, charming rows of tea plantations, the world-famous Ceylon tea factories, European-style buildings, and the vegetable farms have left you mesmerized. This Sri Lanka vacation package includes a stroll in the enticing Victoria Park. You realize that Nuwara Eliya, as a popular Sri Lanka vacation destination, is covered with emerald greenery. In the evening, you visit Lake Gregory and find a nice spot for a picnic with your family. You end the day with a warm cup of Ceylon tea to blend in with the chill!


There’s no wonder why Ella is in every Sri Lanka vacation package. You take the train from Nuwara Eliya to Ella, and you experience one of the most beautiful train rides in the world-what a streak of stunning views! You arrive at Ella and head straight to the awe-striking Nine Arch Bridge surrounded by emerald greenery. Your Sri Lanka vacation includes zip-lining over the neat tea fields, which is one to experience. A Sri Lanka vacation in Ella is never complete without a swim in the natural pools of Diyaluma Falls. As you feel the foamy water relaxing your whole body, you immerse in nature. You enjoy the light flurry of air as it gently kisses your cheeks as you walk around the beautiful village in the evening – perfection!


Udawalawa National Park, the next destination of your incredible Sri Lanka vacation package: is stationed in the South Central region of the tropical island. On this day of your Sri Lanka vacation, you venture into the wilderness, away from the cold weather of luxurious Little England! You buckle up your seat belts because you know it is going to get rough and wild! For you, the main attractions of this wildlife sanctuary are Water Buffalo, Wild boar, different species of Deer, wild Asian Elephants, and exceptional birdlife. It is the perfect Sri Lanka vacation package for you. You visit the Elephant Transit Home and fall in love with the adorable and playful elephants who often try to peep into the safari jeeps! 


You missed the sight of the magnificent leopards during the Udawalawa Safari. However, this Sri Lanka vacation package includes a tour back into the wilderness from a wildlife safari at Yala! You get in the jeep escorted by an experienced guide, and as the ride becomes adventurous, you get excited. Suddenly, a herd of gigantic wild elephants blocks your road, and you take out your camera and film the adventure! After all, the memories at Yala are too nerve-kicking to stay only with you; they are worth a share! Finally, you see the glorious leopards and the mesmerizing peacock dance. This Sri Lanka vacation package is surely a one of a kind. By the end of this Sri Lanka vacation, you fulfill your wish to sight-see the majestic leopards of Sri Lanka. – Lucky you!


Your Sri Lanka vacation just got more adventurous! Mirissa paradise is for beach lovers like you. You jump right into the pristine sea and wade into the turquoise waters. You go snorkeling and scuba diving to discover the aquatic life under the sea. As per your Sri Lanka vacation package, you go fishing in the deep sea with the local fishermen. You saw whales and dolphins in the blue waters! As suggested by our Sri Lanka vacation team, you spend a rejuvenating time enjoying massages in the local spas filled with entangling herbal aroma. In the evening, you rent a bicycle and wander around as there are countless artistic boutiques and attractive streets on this marine coast of Sri Lanka.


You wake up to the chirping of the birds and look through the window of your cozy hotel room. You smell the tropical fruit trees surrounding you in the lush forest. You are in Sinharaja, and it’s a beautiful morning full of life. Like all other destinations in our Sri Lanka vacation packages, the unlimited breakfast buffet takes you to the moon with its delicious Sri Lankan cuisine. You start trekking the jungle, and your Sri Lanka vacation just got better: You come across a natural water spring. After exploring the adventurous yet soul-touching Sinharaja forest, you walk through the beautiful Sinharaja village. The tropical weather is just right to chug some Sri Lankan Lion Beer, which foreigners love; the best way to end a chilly night of a Sri Lanka vacation.


A Sri Lanka vacation is a mixture of feelings with a blend of contrasting locations. Your Sri Lanka vacation package includes a beautiful town called Galle, on the South West coast. So you visit the Galle Fort beside the rippling sea waves. Later you cycle through the streets that mirror architecture influenced by the Dutch, British and Portuguese rule. You are an antique enthusiast, and this Galle vacation package is sending you over the moon! You stop by the Maritime Archeology Museum that houses boats and other old items from century-old shipwrecks. Then you walk into the Historical Mansion Museum, one of the biggest in the world, and you find traditional arts and crafts. You shop at the elegant Dutch hospital shopping precinct, which has a line of restaurants, boutiques, and bars to relax in.



On your Sri Lanka vacation, Hikkaduwa is a place that keeps you busy with many fun activities. You rent some snorkeling gear and get onto a boat and swim into the Hikkaduwa coral reef. After a good time in the deep sea, you take a boat ride at the Madu river and experience wildlife like beautiful birds, crocodiles, and monkeys. The Hikkaduwa vacation package is incomplete without an Ayurvedic spa treatment to refresh you after all the tiring activities. After having a good time at the Turtle hatchery, you enjoy the best local seafood in this Sri Lanka vacation. During the night, you go to a bar and feel the beachy ambiance with some live music as you hear the waves sing along with you. How satisfying is that!?

After two weeks of touring around the pearl island for the lowest Sri Lanka vacation cost, a city tour around Colombo is a treat. As the commercial capital, Colombo is gifted with scenic beauty, some of the best restaurants, and shopping complexes on the island. You walk through the Pettah market, which gives the feel of the down-to-earth lifestyle of the city life in Sri Lanka. A Colombo travel package always has a stop at the floating market. In this Sri Lanka vacation package, you get the chance to learn how to cook traditional Sri Lankan cuisine. While the day remains to be bustling, nightlife in Colombo is one for the party animals! You enjoy this night of your Sri Lanka vacation beside the spectacular beach under the starry skies.


Every goodbye does not have to be a sad one. Even though it is the last day of your Sri Lanka vacation, the excitement goes on. Kalpitiya is the haven for surfers and snorkelers. The surfer in you is a little tired today, so you hop into a boat and go whale and dolphin watching. As the adorable dolphins flock around your boat to greet everyone who came to visit them, you capture the moment to treasure it. Tasting local seafood is a must in a Sri Lanka vacation package. After a mouthwatering meal, you visit the Kalpitiya Dutch Fort built using coral and limestone in the 16th century. Your Sri Lanka vacation ends here, but you embrace the memories it carries on your way back to the airport.



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